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How much would A used clarinet sell for?


It will be highly dependent on the factors mentioned above, but an old or used clarinet with little damage might be valued between $200 and $600. One which is in a not-so-good condition could be priced at no more than $150 to $200, with some having higher prices just due to its brand or the specific model.

What is the average price of a clarinet?


Beginner clarinets usually range in cost from $500 to $1100. Intermediate, or step-up clarinets usually range in cost $1,300 to $2,800 and entry level pro clarinets (still largely played by advanced students) around $2000 and up.

What is the difference between A and B flat clarinet?

What is the difference between the B flat and A clarinets? The Bb clarinet is the main clarinet, used in both bands and orchestras. The A clarinet is a slightly longer clarinet with a darker tone and half-step deeper pitch, used almost exclusively as an orchestral and solo instrument.

What is the best brand for a clarinet?


The Best Brands of Clarinet

  1. Yamaha.
  2. Cecilio.
  3. Jean Paul.
  4. Selmer.
  5. Jupiter.

Is clarinet hard to learn?

Is it easy to play a clarinet? The clarinet is no harder or easier than any other orchestral instrument that a beginner may learn. It is the usual case with an instrument that you blow that arguably the hardest part of learning is getting a sound out in the first place.

Why use an A clarinet?

Playing pieces in the key of A major using an A clarinet is straightforward, as the instrument’s basic scale is A, with these three sharp notes, and it is also easy to play pieces in D major (which has two sharp notes) and E major (which has four sharp notes) on the instrument, as these include only a single flat note …

What is the most common clarinet?

Bb clarinet

The Bb clarinet is the most popular and common type of clarinet. The Bb is a soprano clarinet. This clarinet is more suitable for a beginner and younger players.

What is the highest sounding clarinet?


The Eb clarinet, or sopranino clarinet in Eb, is an Eb transposing instrument. It’s the highest pitched of the commonly utilized clarinets. It’s used in some orchestral and band repertoire.

Is a wood or plastic clarinet better?

The biggest boon to playing a wood clarinet is that the sound quality tends to be significantly better. With plastic clarinets, there is a minor shrill and somewhat fake-sounding quality to the sound it produces, which affects about 10-15% of their overall sound production.

How long should a clarinet last?

At the same time, some wines last a few years before it goes bad. I think this could explain why some clarinetists play on the same instrument their entire professional life, and others get a new instrument every 4 to 5 years.

How do you pick a good clarinet?

Aside from choosing a brand, a clarinetist needs to consider a reed’s strength and cut. Strengths range from soft to hard, typically rated on a 1-to-5 system (5 being the hardest). While a hard reed produces a fuller and thicker sound, a softer reed easier to play, making it suitable for most beginners.

Why do clarinets crack?

Avoid playing the instrument until it is properly acclimatized to room temperature. The part of the clarinet that is most prone to cracking is the section near the mouthpiece (known as the upper body), which is most easily warmed by the breath of the clarinetist.

How much does it cost to refurbish an old clarinet?

Professional Instruments (see above for Student instruments)Basic Service(details)Repad/ Mechanical Overhaul (details)
Bassoon$125by estimate
Professional Clarinets
Clarinet (Eb, Bb or A)$99$550
Alto Clarinet$125$695

How do you store a clarinet?

Why is my clarinet always flat?

If you are flat, here are two possibilities: 1) your instrument is still cold; 2) there may a problem with your equipment – mouthpiece choice; barrel length. An unfocused clarinet tone will almost always be flat.

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