How to get ice gauntlet new world

At the time of writing, the only known way to get an Ice Gauntlet is by crafting it. …

How do you get the Ice Gauntlet in New World?


To get the Ice Gauntlet in New World, you will need to craft it. For now, this is the only way you can acquire it. In order to do so, you will first need to visit your nearest Arcane Repository. Let us check out the recipe to craft this unique weapon.

How do I get the legendary Ice Gauntlet quest in New World?

To get the Rimelash Ice Gauntlet in New World, you need to complete a quest called Hand of Hoarfrost. Jennifer Heatley, a ranger located in Great Cleave, gives this quest to level 60 players. As for most legendary weapon quests, you need to have a weapon mastery level of 20 to unlock this quest.

Is the Ice Gauntlet good in New World?

The Ice Gauntlet provides some of the best crowd-control in Amazon’s new MMO, New World. It can be paired with a variety of weapons for a dozen different styles of play, with uses for PVE, Expeditions, and PvP.

What is the best gem for Ice Gauntlet in New World?

Opal or Emerald are the two that are decent PvP options IMO. Opal gives bonus damage when stamina isn’t full, which is most of the time in PvP. Or Emerald which gives you bonus damage on enemies low HP, can be nice for finishing off those backliners.

What goes with Ice Gauntlet New World?


We recommend pairing the Ice Gauntlet with a melee weapon like Rapier while leveling at first so that you can attack once you run out of mana. Ice Storm allows you to lay down an area that does great area-of-effect damage and pairs well with a lot of your Masteries.

Is Ice Gauntlet ranged New World?

How do you unlock the 580 weapon quest New World?

Where can I farm legendary items in New World?

What do you do after level 60 in the New World?

Whats better Ice Gauntlet or Fire Staff?

Ice Gauntlet has some great up close spells but the basic attacks aren’t that great. So, use the fire staff while some of your Ice Gauntlet are on cooldown. If you want to use strength or dex based weapon, there are high level gems that allow you to base up to 50% of your damage on another stat…

Is Ice Gauntlet good for PvP?

When it comes to general use, the Ice Gauntlet has excellent potential for PvE and PVP build. With spells like the Ice Shower, you as a player can deal high numbers to your foes and defeat them.

What weapon goes with Ice Gauntlet?

Arguably the best weapon to use with the Ice Gauntlet is the Fire Staff. These two weapons perfectly synergize with each other. The Ice Gauntlet sets up the target with debuffs, making them weaker and more vulnerable, which you can then take advantage of using the Fire Staff to deal incredible damage to them.

What armor should I use in New World?


New World medium armor Medium armor is a good choice for most DPS builds. Your dodge is less effective, but you also take a fair bit less damage from enemies.

Is Life staff Ice Gauntlet good?

Is Fire Staff good New World?


After spending some time with the new MMO game, and we’ve concluded that magic weapons such as the fire staff are among the best New World weapons in the game right now. It’s an excellent option for those who want to dish out a ton of damage in the DPS role.

Can ice storms crit?

Icestorm now has a 0.75 second cast time(was 1s) and a 6% chance to critically strike.

How do you counter ice gauntlets?

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