How to size an ice axe

Ice axe sizes state the distance from the tip of the axe to the top of its head; sizes are listed in centimeters because ice axes originated in Europe.

How do I measure myself for an ice axe?

What should I look for when buying an ice axe?


Classic length; or up to 10cm shorter if axe will only be taken off your pack for brief traverses or scrambles of steep snow-covered chutes. Either straight or curved shaft is fine. Comfortable grip is a plus if the axe will be used often. Steel head with a classic-curve pick; or an aluminum head if axe use is minimal.

Do I need 1 or 2 ice axes?

When getting into very steep or vertical terrain, the route may require the use of two axes – generally one hybrid axe, and one ice tool; or potentially two ice tools for truly vertical terrain and beyond.

How do I choose an ice tool?


An ice tool’s shaft is the most important factor in your decision of what tool to buy. In general, the more angled a tool’s shaft, the better it is for steeper routes—and for swinging around funky ice mushrooms or bulges—but the worse it is for plunging in snow.

What length should my ice axe be?


Typically, 45-50cm in length is ideal. Making sure you buy an axe that is the appropriate length for your height and your needs. It is almost always better to go shorter, as there are very few disadvantages, but several advantages of a short axe.

How long ice axe should I use?

The trick to figuring out which length axe you need for mountaineering is to stand up straight and hold the axe by its head. If the spike falls below your ankle, then the axe is too long for you. Ideally, the spike should be somewhere between the bottom half of your calf and the top of your ankle.

Should I use an ice axe leash?

In short: Do not use hand leashes on mountaineering ice axes: you attach a sharp tool to yourself which has a high chance of serious injury in case of a fall.

What is a hybrid ice axe?

Hybrid ice axes split the difference between general-mountaineering and technical-ice-climbing models. They tend to have a slightly curved shaft for better clearance and ergonomics, though not so extreme as that of a technical ice-climbing axe, and usually have a recurve pick.

Can you use an ice axe as a weapon?


Season 2’s Ice Axe is a throwable melee weapon added to Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone. This is described as a weapon that can be used in combat as both a melee weapon and a throwable weapon.

How do you glissade with an ice axe?

What is an ice axe called?

ice ax, ice axe, pioletnoun. an ax used by mountain climbers for cutting footholds in ice.

Do you need an ice axe on the PCT?

Ice axes are another optional piece of gear when thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, though again, if you’re leaving early in the season (or just want peace of mind) then they’re very nice to have.

How do you climb ice steep?

How do you make an ice AXE leash?

How do you walk on an ice axe?

How do you use an ice axe to self belay?

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