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How many locations does Mitchell’s ice cream have?

We have only one store, located at the corner of 29th St. and San Jose Ave. in San Francisco’s Mission District (688 San Jose Ave.), but we sell our ice cream to over 200 fine restaurants, cafes, grocery stores and shops in and around San Francisco. Here are a few of our retail partners: Shops and Grocery Stores.

Who is the owner of Mitchell’s ice cream?


Brian Mitchell

Because it’s made fresh daily with 16% butterfat, Mitchell’s ice cream is always a creamy treat. For the San Francisco Bay Times, The Gay Gourmet had the privilege of speaking with co-owner Brian Mitchell about what makes this institution so special.

How much sugar is in Mitchell’s ice cream?

Nutrient levels for 100 g

Nutrition factsAs sold for 100 g / 100 mlAs sold per serving (0.5 cup (87 g))
Trans fat0 g0 g
Cholesterol57 mg49.6 mg
Carbohydrates27.59 g24 g
Sugars25.29 g22 g

Does Mitchell’s ice cream have eggs?


Our cream comes from hormone-free cows that graze in open pastures. Choose from 40 flavors daily. Most of our flavors are gluten free and do not contain eggs, but please call us at (415) 648-2300 to ask about specific flavors if you have a gluten or egg allergy.

How much sodium is in Mitchell’s ice cream?

Mitchell’s Super Premium Ice Cream has 45.0 grams of sodium.

Is Mitchell’s ice cream kosher?

“All our ice cream and sorbets are certified kosher, and all the other products we sell at the Beachwood store are kosher,” says Mike Mitchell, who owns four Mitchell’s Ice Cream shops with his brother Pete. The West Side and Solon stores stock bottled Gatorade, which is not kosher.

What is Blue Cosmo ice cream?

29. Blue Cosmo. If you like cotton candy ice cream, you’ll like this. It’s the only flavor in the store that has an artificial ingredient, which explains the bright blue coloring. It also features a homemade marshmallow ribbon.

How do you ship ice cream?


Insulated polystyrene boxes are the best option for packing your ice cream, either with gel packs or dry ice, as it will help to keep your ice cream well insulated and stay frozen for as long as possible. Some insulated foam shipping boxes with thick 20mm walls can keep ice cream cold for up to 48 hours.

How many calories are in Mitchell’s vegan ice cream?

Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream (100 ml) contains 7.4g total carbs, 7.4g net carbs, 2.7g fat, 0.7g protein, and 69 calories.

Does Mitchell’s ice cream have gluten?


Most of our flavors are gluten free and do not contain eggs, but please call us at (415) 648-2300 to ask about specific flavors if you have a gluten or egg allergy. Enjoy our award-winning, super-premium ice cream and sorbets—in Cones, Cups, Sundaes, Milkshakes, Smoothies, Ice Cream Sandwiches and Ice Cream Cakes.

How many calories are in lucuma ice cream?

Llama Ice Cream

Nutrition Facts
How many calories are in Lucuma? Amount of calories in Lucuma: Calories 370Calories from Fat 171 (46.2%)
% Daily Value *
How much fat is in Lucuma? Amount of fat in Lucuma: Total Fat 19g
How much saturated fat is in Lucuma? Amount of saturated fat in Lucuma: Saturated fat 13g

What ice cream brand is kosher?


Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream: The Kosher Advantage Companies recognize the value of the kosher logo as an extremely important tool to enhance their products’ marketability.

What kind of ice cream is kosher?

Ice cream used to be considered a kosher-friendly dairy product. Consisting of fresh cream and sugar, with added vanilla beans/cocoa/ strawberries, it was so easily made kosher. Those days are long gone, and contemporary ice cream is one of the most challenging of dairy products out there.

Is Carte D or ice cream kosher?


Kosher News There is a huge variety of nosh including crisps, chocolates, ice creams, soft drinks and more in the Guide. Amongst the hundreds of products approved as kosher are Wall’s Viennetta Strawberry and Carte D’Or Rum & Raisin Ice Cream Tub as well as Wall’s Bubblegum Calippo.

What flavor is black ice cream?


Ice cream shops that offer the black dessert typically add various flavors to the recipe. Black ice cream can taste like coconut, vanilla, or, really, any of your favorite flavors.

What flavor is blue moon?

The Chicago Tribune has described the ice cream as "Smurf-blue, marshmallow-sweet". Blue moon ice cream is one of the flavors that make up Superman ice cream in certain states. … Blue moon (ice cream)

TypeIce cream
Place of originUnited States

Can FedEx ship ice cream?


FedEx is the Best Carrier for Shipping Ice Cream Since FedEx is the premier carrier for sending frozen food, they are the best choice for shipping ice cream. FedEx doesn’t just offer specialized, insulated cold packaging built for keeping frozen food like ice cream cool during transit.

How much fat is in vegan ice cream?


Per serving, the vegan version has 200 calories, 11 grams of fat, 23 grams of carbs, and 16 grams of sugar. Its dairy version, on the other hand, contains 260 calories, 12 grams of fat, 34 grams of carbs, and 27 grams of sugar.

How many calories are in a scoop of vegan chocolate ice cream?

Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 1 cup (120.7g)
How many calories are in Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream? Amount of calories in Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream: Calories 111.2Calories from Fat 6.8 (6.2%)
% Daily Value *

How many calories are in a pint of vegan ice cream?


160-320 calories

Flavors range from 160-320 calories per pint.

Does sorbet have dairy?


A sorbet does not contain any dairy products and is more acidic, which results in tart flavors. Another difference between sorbet and ice cream is it is a sweet alternative for those with non-dairy* dietary needs or lifestyle preferences.

Does lucuma raise blood sugar?

Lucuma is often claimed to have a low glycemic index (GI), which means that it would raise blood sugar levels to a much lower extent than other sweeteners like pure sugar. If true, this would be another reason why lucuma may benefit blood sugar control. However, no studies have confirmed lucuma’s low GI score.

Is lucuma good for diabetics?


Natural Low GI Sweetener Given it’s fruity flavour, Lucuma can be used as a natural low GI sweetener. This makes it safe for diabetics, and great for the rest of us to help stabilise blood sugar (critical for all bodily cell function), and even out energy levels.

What does lucuma ice cream taste like?


Some people describe lucuma as creamy and citrusy with a hint of caramel or maple. Others have compared it to sweet potato. It also has a sweet smell. It’s so popular in Peru that it’s actually one of their most popular flavours of ice cream!

Is dairy Queen soft serve kosher?

FYI; DQ Soft Serve is Kosher Certified and Egg Free.

Is Blue Bunny kosher?

We are proud to offer Wells’ Blue Bunny, Nestlé, Minute Maid and Häagen-Dazs brand products that are certified by the Orthodox Union, the world’s largest and most widely recognized kosher certification agency.

Is Haagen Dazs kosher?

Are your products Is Häagen-Dazs® kosher? Our U.S. retail grocery, club, and convenience store products are OU-D kosher, certified by the Kashrut division of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America.

What makes ice cream not kosher?

Stabilizers often contain gelatin sourced from pigs or from cows which are not kosher-processed, and emulsifiers can derive from beef tallow production. Thus, all components of ice cream and frozen dessert base clearly need reliable kosher verification.

Which candy is kosher?

We carry all the best kosher-certified brand names such as 100 Grand, 3 Musketeers, Almond Joy, Andes, Asher, Baby Ruth, Bit O Honey, Bogdon, Bonomo, Butterfinger, Cella’s, Charleston Chew, Chips Ahoy, Chunky, Cracker jack, Elite, Fig Newton, Gimbal’s, Goobers, Go Lightly Sugarfree, Goldenberg, Hershey’s, Junior Mints, …

How do you know if ice cream is kosher?

Regarding soft serve ice cream, one must verify that there is a kosher symbol on the label of the "bag-in-box" soft serve mix. If the mix is made in-house, the store must be certified kosher for the soft serve to be acceptable.

Is Carte D or vanilla vegetarian?

Walls Disclaimer – We do not state that the products are vegetarian as they contain whey powder which although is from a milk source, the processing aid used during the manufacture of the raw material is not guaranteed from a vegetarian source.

What are the weirdest ice cream flavors?


These eight wacky ice cream flavors will have you craving something extra special for dessert.

  1. Booger. Sweet Spot: The Ice Cream Store in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. …
  2. Cicada. Sweet Spot: Sparky’s Homemade Ice Cream in Columbia, Missouri. …
  3. Vanilla. …
  4. Cereal Milk. …
  5. Pizza. …
  6. Cold Sweat. …
  7. Tiger Tail. …
  8. Pet Bird.

What Flavour is purple ice cream?


Ube ice cream is a craze everywhere right now, at least partly because its bright purple color is very photogenic.

What is the true color of vanilla?

The color vanilla is a rich tint of off-white as well as a medium pale tint of yellow.

What is the most unpopular ice cream flavor?


Coffee ice cream is surprisingly not more popular, as it has been around since 1869 when it was used as a parfait. Only four percent of Americans count the flavor as their favourite.

What is the #1 ice cream in the world?

In first place: Magnum. According to Euromonitor, which supplied the data for our list, the brand’s Belgian chocolate-drenched ice cream bars racked up $2.54 billion in sales in 2015. That’s up 8% over 2014 and some $450 million more than second-place Häagen-Dazs.

Why is there no grape ice cream?


Basically, grapes have high water content, which is why eating them is an easy way to stay hydrated. But it also means when you freeze them to make ice cream, they’ll turn into icy chunks. That’s all fine and dandy for an ice pop recipe, but not what anyone wants from a scoop of smooth ice cream.

What flavor is Superman?


Superman Ice Cream Frequently Asked Questions It’s a strawberry-flavored soda pop made by Faygo, a Michigan soda pop maker.

Is Blue Moon girly beer?

Blue Moon Belgian White beer has a citrusy edge thanks to white wheat, oats, coriander, and orange peel used in brewing. Orange slices are usually served with it so the orange flavor can come through. Consequently, this beer has a girly appeal as opposed to a sharp taste and concentration.

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