What does bww mean

Abbreviation for the restaurant Buffalo Wild Wings. Can be pronounced as B Dub meaning B with a double W.

What does BWW mean in slang?

B-Dubs is the result of abbreviating Buffalo Wild Wings to the acronym BWW, and then pronouncing it: “bee-double-you,” which can be shortened to “bee-dubs.” This new nickname was registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office on October 2, 2007.

What does BWW mean in dating?

Big Wide World. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 16 definitions) Note: We have 30 other definitions for BWW in our Acronym Attic. BWUG. BWUI.

What does BWD mean in slang?

What does BWD stand for?

Rank Abbr.Meaning
BWDBig White Dog (Great Pyrenees breed)
BWDBlue Eyes White Dragon (gaming)
BWDBloated Whale Decapitation (band)

What does NFK mean in slang?

NFK. No Freaking Kidding (polite form)

What does BWE stand for?


BWEBreakfast with the Experts (Vermont)
BWEBlood Was Everywhere (film)
BWEBest Week Ever (TV show)
BWEBeta Weekend Event (gaming)

What does BWD mean on Snapchat?


BWDBasic Wind Data Message
BWDBloated Whale Decapitation (band)
BWDBobat Web Design
BWDBrownlee Walker Davies (UK)

What does BWD mean in cars?

BWDBin Wieder Da International » GermanRate it:
BWDBest Word Dictionary Miscellaneous » UnclassifiedRate it:
BWDBeau Welling Design Miscellaneous » UnclassifiedRate it:
BWDBlack While Driving Miscellaneous » AutomotiveRate it:
BWDBored While Driving Miscellaneous » AutomotiveRate it:

What does BWD stand for plastic surgery?

BWD stands for Breast Width Diameter. This is a measurement that helps your surgeon pick an implant size for your body. Your plastic surgeon will measure your BWD from your cleavage to the outer edge of your breasts before your breast augmentation.

Does NGL mean not gonna lie?

NGL is an abbreviation for “not gonna lie.” It’s usually used at the beginning of a sentence to indicate honesty or vulnerability. Like TBH, NGL’s tone can change depending on the context. It could be used to insult someone, to share your honest opinion, or to open up your emotions.

What does OTF mean on Snapchat?

Summary of Key Points

Definition:Only The Family
Guessability:4: Difficult to guess
Typical Users:Adults and Teenagers

What does ASB mean on Snapchat?

ASB — As balls. Example: I’m high asb. Chad — A hyper-sexual young man. Chill — Relaxed or laid back.

What does WEO mean in Snapchat?

Meaning. WEO. With Exception Of. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 9 definitions)

Is FWD or AWD better?

Front-wheel-drive systems are usually lighter and more fuel-efficient than all-wheel-drive systems. They have fewer moving parts, which means less maintenance. If parts do break, they’re typically easier and cheaper to fix. Front-wheel-drive cars also tend to have more interior space than all-wheel-drive cars.

Is RWD better than FWD?

RWD vehicles handle much better than front-wheel drive vehicles and you will notice the difference in curves, turns, and when navigating through traffic situations. Traction won’t be as good, especially in wet or snowy road conditions.

What is FWD car?

Front Wheel Drive – FWD Meaning Front wheel drive (FWD) means that the power from the engine is delivered to the front wheels. With FWD, the front wheels are pulling while the rear wheels don’t receive any power. The pros of a FWD vehicle are that they typically gets better fuel economy.

What size should my breast be?


Understanding “Ideal” Breast Size Likewise, 49% of men and 52% of women concurred that a C cup is the ideal breast size, which is close to the average breast size of women in both the United States and Europe.

What size cc breast implants?

Breast implant size is described in cubic centimeters, or CCs. The higher the number of CCs in an implant, the larger it is. Breast implants generally start at about 400 CCs and go up from there, with each 150 to 200 CCs reflecting an additional cup to cup-in-a-half in size.

What is the medical term for tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck — also known as abdominoplasty — is a cosmetic surgical procedure to improve the shape and appearance of the abdomen. During a tummy tuck, excess skin and fat are removed from the abdomen. Connective tissue in the abdomen (fascia) usually is tightened with sutures as well.

What does Ngtl mean in text?


NGTLNova Gas Transmission, Limited

What does NGF mean in text?

NGF. Nobody Gives a F*** Internet » Chat.

What do pushing P mean?


keep it real

Pushing P made its way to the TikTok mainstream in January 2021, thanks to Gunna and Future’s new track ‘Pushin’ P’. P essentially means something positive, to ‘keep it real’. If something is P, it means it’s good. If something is not P, it’s bad.

What does OTP mean slang?

one true pair/pairing

Words We’re Watching: ‘OTP’ OTP is an abbreviation meaning “one true pair/pairing.”

What is LOL LMAO ROFL called?

Leetspeak. Words such as LOL (meaning laugh out loud), LMAO, and LMFAO make up what is called netspeak, also sometimes called chatspeak.

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