What does pfg stand for

Columbia PFG abbreviation meaning defined here. What does PFG stand for in Columbia? Get the top PFG abbreviation related to Columbia.

What does PFG on Columbia stand for?

Performance Fishing Gear

Performance Fishing Gear – PFG Apparel | Columbia Sportswear.

What does PFG mean pink?

#PFG stands for Pink Feed Goals. This hashtag has become a popular instagram feed trend over the summer. Influencers are turning their Instagram feeds to the ultimate pink feed goals, and constantly finding anything and everything that they can post about being #PFG.

What does FWS mean?

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Legal Definition of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Interior Department agency charged with protecting the nation’s fish and wildlife resources.

What does WPT stand for?


WPTWorld Poker Tour
WPTWireless Power Transfer (electrical energy)
WPTWisconsin Public Television

What does PFG mean on a shirt?

Performance Fishing Gear

PFG stands for ‘Performance Fishing Gear’. The PFG line keeps you cool, dry and protected from the sun’s harmful rays throughout those long days out on the water. GRT stands for ‘Gear for Rugged Trekking and Travel’. The GRT line is packable, lightweight and wrinkle resistant.

What does PFG mean in clothing?

Performance Fishing Gear

When preparing to hit the open water in hopes of landing “the big one”, Columbia Performance Fishing Gear (PFG) ensures you keep your comfortable in any conditions.

What does Pog mean on Snapchat?

Another definition according to the internet is that POG is an acronym for “Play Of the Game” in gaming, but it seems it’s mostly used to mean “good.”

What does YK YK mean?

Second Definition of YK “You’re Kidding!” is another definition for YK. YK. Definition: You’re Kidding!

What does FWW mean when texting?


FWWFinal Written Warning
FWWFirst Wives World (website)
FWWFront Wheel Walker
FWWFormation Wilde Wolke (German: Wilde Cloud Formation; World of Warcraft; multi-gaming community)

What does ND mean in text slang?

The abbreviation ND is commonly used in text-based messaging as shorthand for the word “And.”

What does WPT mean in Snapchat?

WPT. When Parents Text. showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 25 definitions)

What brand is PFG?

Columbia Sportswear

PFG Collections – Fishing Clothing | Columbia Sportswear.

What are PFG shirts made of?

synthetic polyester

Made from some blend of synthetic polyester. Lightweight. Have a UPF Sun Protection rating anywhere from 15 to 50+ Have been called “Dri-fit”, “Microfiber”, “Performance Gear” or “Sun Shirts” (they all mean the same thing)

Do Columbia PFG shirts run big?

Most PFG shirts run a little large, but the sleeves on these are fairly ridiculous.

Where is Columbia PFG made?

Columbia, whose brands include Mountain Hardwear, Sorel and OutDry among others, makes accessories and equipment in more than a dozen countries. More than 60% of its products, particularly footwear, in 2018 were manufactured in Vietnam and China.

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