What size are papa john’s pizzas

Papa John’s pan pizza only comes in one size: 12 inches (diameter). Papa John’s large pizza is 14 inches.

How many slices is a Papa Johns XXL?


12 slices

And, finally the XXL This epic pizza cuts into 12 slices.

How many slices are in a 16 inch Papa John’s pizza?

10 slices

Extra Large Original Crust Pizza (16 inch) Hand-tossed original crust pizza cut into 10 slices.

How big is Papa John’s medium?


12 inches

Medium pizza of 12 inches (30.5 cm) in diameter has 8 slices. Large pizza of 14 inches (35.5 cm) in diameter has 10 slices. Extra-large pizzas of 16 and 18 inches (40.5 – 46 cm) in diameter has 12 slices.

What size is a large Pizza Hut pizza?


14 inches

A medium pizza at Pizza Hut is 12 inches in diameter and costs $9.99. A large pizza at Pizza Hut is 14 inches in diameter and costs $11.99.

How many slices is a medium Papa John’s pizza?


8 slices

The medium pizzas cuts into 8 slices which comes up as 11.5″.

How big is a 12 inch pizza?

No, a 12-inch pizza is not considered a large pizza. A 12-inch pizza refers to a medium pizza in most cases. These 12-inch wonders come with eight slices and can feed two to four people comfortably.

How many slices is a 10.5 inch pizza?


A small or personal pizza is between 8 and 10 inches and offers around six slices, while a 12-inch pizza (medium-sized) yields approximately eight pieces. Besides, a large 14-inch pizza provides roughly ten slices, whereas an extra-large pie has a diameter of 16-18 inches and offers 12 pieces at least.

How much more pizza is 14 than 10?

So, trust us. We’ve done the math for you. A 10-inch pizza is comprised of 78 square inches, while a 14-inch pizza has 154 square inches. What that means is that a 14-inch pizza will contain nearly twice the amount of sauce, cheese and toppings of a 10-inch pizza.

Which pizza is bigger regular or medium?

Regular size with its 4 slices serves a single person, medium size with 6 slices serves two buddies or a couple. And our large pizza with 8 big slices serves a family of four. Look around the circle of your friends, contemplate their appetite and decide the size accordingly.

What size pizza is most popular?

14 inches

The most popular size of pizza in the United States is 14 inches in diameter. The average pizza is usually 14 inches in diameter with eight slices. The average pizza is also normally supposed to feed a group of four (two slices per person).

Are 2 small pizzas bigger than a large?


Small pizza: 8-10 inches, six slices. Medium pizza: 12 inches, eight slices. Large pizza: 14 inches, ten slices. Extra-large pizza: 16-18 inches, 12 slices.

Is 11 inch pizza enough for 2?


A Small 10″ inch Pizza is normally cut into 6 slices and serves 2-3 people. A Medium 12″ inch Pizza is normally cut into 8 slices and serves 3-4 people. A Large 14″ inch Pizza is normally cut into 8 or 10 slices and serves 3-5 people. An Extra Large 16″ inch Pizza is normally cut into 6 or 12 slices and serves 5-6 …

Who has the biggest XL pizza?

Papa John’s XL Monster Toppings pizza is 33 percent bigger than Papa John’s large pizza with more toppings. Papa John’s has created a new pizza size, the Papa John’s XL Monster Toppings pizza.

How big is a 13.5 inch pizza?


A Large Domino’s pizza is 13.5 inches, with 10 glorious slices of cheesy goodness.

Is Papa Johns as good as dominoes?


The general consensus seemed to be that quality of the cheese and toppings was higher with Papa John’s, but the quality of the sauce and crust was higher with Domino’s. We also all unanimously were disappointed with the amount and distribution of toppings on the Papa John’s pizzas when compared to the Domino’s pizzas.

How many people does a 14 inch pizza feed?

five people

Small-sized pizzas are around eight inches and serve about two or three people. The medium-sized pizza measures around 14 inches and serves about five people. Then, the large pizzas sometimes go over 18 inches and would solve the craving for six or eight pizza fans.

How big is a 18 inch pizza?

254 square inches

An 18-inch pizza has 254 square inches of pizza, whereas two 12-inch pizzas only have around 226 square inches.

Whats bigger two 12 inch pizzas or one 16 inch?

A 16 inch pizza is almost two 12 inch ones! OK, for you math wizards out there, a 12 inch is 1.8 times as large as a 9 inch and a 16 inch is 1.8 times as large as a 12 inch.

What are the different sizes of pizza?

Small Pizza: 8-10 inch pizza with 6 slices. Medium Pizza: 12-14 inch pizza with 8 slices. Large Pizza: 14-16 inch pizza with 8 slices. Extra-large Pizza: 16-18 inch pizza with 8-10 slices.

How big is a large Italian pizza?


A large pizza has a diameter of about 14-16 inches, and can include up to 5 toppings. This size is typically suitable for a group of 4-6 people, depending on how hungry everyone is. If you’re serving other dishes as well as the pizza, plan on 1-2 slices per person.

Are large pizzas getting smaller?

But as prices go up, pizza sizes are expected to go down. Domino’s is reportedly shrinking the size of its pizzas in a bid to ease the financial pressure on franchisees.

What cheese does Papa John’s use?

Real cheese made from mozzarella on top of our signature pizza sauce with your choice of crust, then baked to a golden brown.

Is Domino’s bigger than Pizza Hut?

Historically, Pizza Hut has enjoyed the No. 1 spot as the largest pizza chain in the world. But in 2017, Domino’s overthrew the pizza chain and became the top pizza seller in the world in terms of global retail sales. In 2018, Domino’s had global retail sales of more than $13.5 billion.

What size are Dominos pizzas?


Pick Your Pizza Size Choose from four sizes when you order pizza online with Domino’s: Personal 7”, Small 9.5”, Medium 11.5” or the absolutely show stopping Large 13.5”.

What size is a Costco pizza?


18 inches

The Costco pizza is famous for its enormous size. While Domino’s pizza is sized at 12 inches in diameter, the Costco pizza is 18 inches.

How big is Domino’s medium pizza?


12 inches

How many inches is the Domino’s Pizza in diameter? The small pizza is about ten inches, the medium is 12 inches, while the large one is about 14-18 inches wide.

Is a 12-inch pizza enough for one person?

A 12-inch pizza can serve from 3 to 4 people. Therefore, if the number of people is just smaller than 3 or bigger than 4, you should consider a small 10-inch pizza or a large 14-inch pizza.

What’s bigger 18 inch pizza or 2 12-inch pizzas?


It sounds counterintuitive, but Fermat’s Library did the math: An 18-inch pizza has 254 square inches of “pizza,” while two 12-inch pizzas only have about 226 square inches.

How big is the large Domino’s pizza?

Domino’s large pizzas are the perfect answer to feeding a hungry group. These 14—inch pizzas feed approximately three to five people who are craving the Hand Tossed, Brooklyn Style, or Crunchy Thin Crust pizzas.

How big is the family size pizza?


A family-size pizza is typically 16 inches in diameter. It can feed up to 10 adults. You can feed your whole family with just one order, and if you are a small family, you will have leftovers for the next day. It’s perfect for any occasion.

How many slices is a family size pizza?

Finally, if you are looking for a large meal that will satisfy your hunger, then a 14 inches pizza is the best option. This size has between 12 and 14 slices, so it’s perfect for sharing with friends or family!

How many slices is a party size pizza?

Party Pizzas Create two awesome party-sized 10-slice rectangular pizzas with custom toppings for 20 slices of pure, people-pleasing happiness!

How many people does a 10in pizza feed?


A 10-inch pizza is a small pizza with six slices. It is best for one to three people, and I wouldn’t try to serve a party of six with it.

Is a 9 inch pizza enough for one person?


9-inch pizzas are a popular size for both individual and family meals. The average 9 inch pizza is about 8 slices, which is enough for 1-2 people. 9 inch pizzas typically range in price from $10-20, depending on the toppings and crust type.

How big is a 10 inch pizza from Domino’s?

Domino’s pizza sizes make it easy to personalize your pie in a variety of ways. Our small pizza is 10 inches and serves 1—3 people. Or you can order a larger pizza size and split the toppings so that everyone dines happy. And when you’re feeding a crowd, a few large pizzas are most definitely the way to go.

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