What size crock pot

Slow cookers range in size from 2- to 8-quarts, with plenty of options in between — here’s how to determine the right size slow cooker for you.

What is a good size for a crock pot?


5 to 6-quart

For a family of three to five or a leftover-obsessed couple, a 5 to 6-quart slow cooker is the perfect size. It will fit almost all recipes, including typical roasts. If you’ve got a big family and plenty of storage room, go for the big 7 or 8-quart models.

What is a good size of crockpot for a family of 4?

The best size slow cooker for a family would be a minimum of 4-quarts and a maximum size of 6-quarts. A 4-quart slow cooker would give each family member a reasonable size serving each depending upon how much each person consumes. The 6-quart slow cooker will give all 4 family members a good serving with leftovers.

What size crock pot do I need for a family of 6?


Larger families are well-suited for 4- or 5-quart slow cookers, which can feed up to six people. It’s a great choice for bigger dishes—like casseroles, stews and full dinners—and it can fit a roast! Not a huge one—stick to a 3–4 lb. roast for this size, and if you need a larger cut, you’ll need a bigger slow cooker.

Is a 7-quart crock pot too big?

7-10 Quarts You can cook a whole chicken and roast large pieces of meat inside. If your family is larger than seven members, the 7-10 quarts might be sufficient. In every other case, it will be too big. The largest available crock pot of 10 quarts, and it fits 12 pounds of meat.

How many people will a 4 quart crockpot feed?

Choose from 3 heat settings—high, low, and warm—for cooking flexibility and control with whatever you’re making. The 4-quart capacity feeds 4+ people and is perfect for making family meals. Use the manual warm setting to keep food warm while you are serving, or for heating up leftovers.

How many people does a 6 quart crock pot serve?

5-6 servings

Crockpot Sizes: Comparison Chart

5-quart4-5 servings
6-quart5-6 servings
7-quart6-7 servings
8-quart7-8 servings

Can a crockpot be too big?

If you cut down a recipe meant for 6 to feed two people, but still cook it in a 6 quart crock pot, Then yes, it’s probably too big and the meal will likely burn. Using a smaller size will solve that problem. Slow cookers are also great for serving hot dips at parties!

Do small Crockpots cook faster?

Crockpot recipes are written as if your crockpot is 2/3 to 3/4 full. So if you are cooking a smaller portion and it is only taking up a small space in your huge slow cooker the cook time on the recipe is going to be way too long. You’ll have to either cook it for significantly less time or use a smaller slow cooker.

Is there a difference between a Crock-Pot and a slow cooker?


Crock-Pot is the name of a brand that first came on the market in the 1970s. It has a stoneware pot that is surrounded by a heating element, whereas a slow cooker is typically a metal pot that sits on top of a heated surface. The term slow cooker is not a brand but rather refers to the type of appliance.

Which is better a Crock-Pot or slow cooker?


Additionally, a Crockpot can cook bigger pieces of meat more evenly than a slow cooker and it makes them exceptionally tender. There are plenty of slow cooker brands and some specialize in cooking specific things like stews, soups or meat, so it’s important to know what you want from your future slow cooker.

How do I choose a Crock-Pot?

8 Things to Consider When Buying a Slow Cooker

  1. Method of heating. Most slow cookers have a base that snugly encloses a removable insert. …
  2. Crock construction. Ceramic and porcelain are the popular options out there, although there are metal crocks, too. …
  3. Lid material. …
  4. Shape. …
  5. Size. …
  6. Sear function. …
  7. Timer. …
  8. Warming function.

What size crock pot do I need for soup?

A large slow cooker is one that is six to eight quarts in size. This should be plenty of space to cook a large meal for a family or to entertain guests. A 6-8 quart slow cooker can accommodate up to a 6-pound roast or a 24-cup batch of soup. It’s the perfect size for feeding a large family or for entertaining.

How big is a 6 quart pot?

Stock Pot Sizes: What’s Available

Stock PotDiameterHeight
6-Quart11.25 in.4.25 in.
8-Quart10.5 in.5.5 in.
12-Quart11.25 in.9 in.
16-Quart11 in.10.25 in.

What is the best 4 quart slow cooker?


Crock-Pot 4-Quart Classic Slow Cooker, Black This popular slow cooker is a tried and true, extremely affordable option for any at-home cook. This model holds four quarts of food and equips a digital timer and two temperature settings.

Can you put meat in the slow cooker raw?

Raw meat can be placed into a slow cooker; you just need to ensure that you leave the meat in the slow cooker for long enough so that it can cook through and gets hot enough to kill and possibly harmful bacteria on the meat. The simplest way to make sure this happens is to use a food thermometer.

How much can a 7 quart crock pot hold?

Crock-Pot Ceramic Crock Insert

Quart CapacityLiter CapacityServings
5-quart4.7 ltr4 to 5
6-quart5.6 ltr5 to 6
7-quart6.6 ltr6 to 7
8-quart7.5 ltr7 to 8

How big is a 4 quart slow cooker?

8.6 x 11.9 x 12 inches

Crock-Pot 4-Quart Manual Slow Cooker, Black

Item Dimensions LxWxH8.6 x 11.9 x 12 inches
Capacity4 Quarts
Wattage1500 watts

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