What temperature should a commercial fridge be

According to the USDA, the temperature range of 40 °F to 140 °F is where dangerous bacteria like Campylobacter, Escherichia coli, Salmonella …

What is the proper temperature for a commercial refrigerator?


While the FDA requires restaurant refrigerators to be set at 40°F or below, most commercial refrigerators are set at 38°F.

What temperature should a commercial freezer be set at?

0 degrees Fahrenheit

For proper food storage, the ideal temperature for commercial freezers is at or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit. This keeps food completely safe for consumption by preventing bacteria from growing at the frigid temperature.

How often should the temperature of a commercial refrigerator and freezer be checked?

At the very least it should be every 2 hours. A minimum/maximum thermometer should be the very least they are expected to use.

What temperature should a restaurant fridge be Celsius?

As a rule, the interior temperature of a refrigerator varies between 3 and 5 degrees Celsius, with Health Canada recommending that the ideal temperature be set below 4 degrees Celsius.

Is 10 degrees cold enough for a freezer?

Is 10 Degrees Cold Enough For A Freezer? Generally, it’s better to keep your freezer at or below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Although ten degrees won’t cause your food to spoil, it will take longer to freeze it. And that isn’t good for its shelf life.

Is 40 degrees a good temperature for a refrigerator?

The ideal refrigerator temperature is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These temperatures inhibit the growth of microorganisms like salmonella, E. coli, and listeria, which can cause foodborne illnesses.

What temperature is too high for a refrigerator?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that you keep your refrigerator temperature at or below 40°F and your freezer temperature at or below 0°F. However, the ideal refrigerator temperature is actually lower. Aim to stay between 35° and 38°F (or 1.7 to 3.3°C).

Is 50 degrees cold enough for a refrigerator?

The temperature inside your refrigerator needs to be cold enough to inhibit bacterial growth, and warm enough so the food doesn’t freeze. Refrigerators should be set to 40 degrees F (4 degrees C) or colder. A good temperature range for a refrigerator is between 34-38 degrees F (1-3 degrees C).

What is the ideal temperature for a refrigerator and freezer?

Is there a “correct” temperature for refrigerators and freezers? Yep: A fridge temperature of 37° F will keep fresh food good for as long as possible—with no ice crystals on lettuce or bacteria breeding in raw meats. As for the freezer, a temperature of 0° F will keep foods thoroughly frozen.

How do I know if my fridge is cold enough?

To check the temperature of a refrigerator, it’s best to use food or liquid that has been in the compartment for at least 24 hours. The most common practice is to place a glass of water in the refrigerator (but not in the door) and let it sit for a day. Then place the thermometer in the glass to get a reading.

Can a freezer be too cold?


Yes, your freezer can actually be too cold. It should, of course, be cold enough to keep your food frozen, but having it set too cold could result in freezer problems.

Why is everything freezing in my fridge?


Temperature settings The optimum temperature range for storing fresh food is between 36 – 38 degrees Fahrenheit or below 40 degrees. If your food is freezing, then it is possible that your fridge’s temperature setting was accidentally set too low.

Will food spoil at 45 degrees?

Food starts to spoil when the temperature rises above 40 degrees. After food warms to that temperature, you have just two hours in which you can either return it to cold conditions or cook it. In the fridge, produce will survive most power failures, but dairy products should be discarded if they smell or taste sour.

Why does my fridge keep icing up?

Check your thermostat has not been set too high, reduce the temperature within the fridge it may have been set too high by accident which can lead to frost build-up. Is the door being open for too long or opened too often. Ice can be formed because moist air is drawn into the appliance.

Why is my refrigerator at 50 degrees?

The Vents are Blocked: If you’re stuck with a refrigerator temperature at 50 degrees, and nothing is wrong with the thermostat, maybe you’re dealing with blocked vents. Warm air is released through the vents during the cooling process. If this air can’t escape, it’ll build up and heat the fridge instead.

Is a fridge colder on 1 or 5?

So on a refrigerator what setting is coldest (1 to 5)? On every fridge the rules for the coldest settings are always the following: The numbers on the fridge’s temperature dial indicate refrigerant power. The higher the number goes the colder the fridge will maintain. Setting it to 5 will make your fridge the coldest.

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