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LONE STAR HISTORY: Texas in 1950 A lot has changed in the years since Harmon. LONE STAR HISTORY: Texas in 1950. A lot has changed in the years …

How much did a Whataburger cost in 1950?

The price of an original Whataburger was $0.25 in 1950, a price higher than some competitors due to its better-quality ingredients.

How much did the first Whataburger sell for in 1950’s when they first opened the first restaurant?

25 cents

Early years ” In June 1950, Dobson was granted the Whataburger trademark. In August of that year they opened their first location on Ayers Street in Corpus Christi, Texas, across from Del Mar College. The store sold burgers for 25 cents, and also sold drinks and chips.

Where was the 1st Whataburger?


What year was Whataburger?

The golden age of drive-ins and American automobiles was just getting started back on August 8, 1950, when Harmon Dobson opened Whataburger #1. This tiny burger stand offered something people had never seen: a burger that was so big, they had to hold its five-inch bun with two hands.

Is the original Whataburger still standing?


While it is the flagship store, it did not open until 1999. Behold, the world’s first Whataburger was located on Ayers Street in Corpus Christi, pictured here on August 8, 1950. While the original building is long gone, the original recipe remains in tact.

How much was Whataburger in 1964?

The price of the burger was twenty-five cents. Customers could also order a drink and a bag of chips. Whataburger #1 took in fifty dollars on its first day.

Does Mark Wahlberg own wahlburgers?

Wahlburgers Franchising LLC, doing business as Wahlburgers (stylized as wahlburgers), is a casual dining burger restaurant and bar chain. It is owned by chef Paul Wahlberg and his brothers, actors Donnie and Mark.

What year did the first Whataburger open?


The golden age of drive-ins and American automobiles was just getting started back on August 8, 1950, when Harmon Dobson opened Whataburger #1. This tiny burger stand offered something people had never seen: a burger that was so big, they had to hold its five-inch bun with two hands.

Where is the biggest Whataburger?

Corpus Christi

The Largest Whataburger Is in Corpus Christi At 6,000 square feet, the “Whataburger By the Bay” was opened in Corpus Christi in 1999, and features a life-size bronze statue of Harmon Dobson.

Is Whataburger Chicken real?

It consists of three 100% chicken breast strips, Honey BBQ Sauce, and two slices of Monterey Jack cheese on your choice of Texas Toast or a toasted five-inch bun. The chicken tends to come out a bit dry, which is fine as long as there is a sufficient amount of BBQ sauce on it, which may or may not be the case.

Why is Whataburger so famous?


In addition to its menu, Whataburger has become well-known for its architecture. Locations are instantly recognizable thanks to their A-frame design and orange-and-white color scheme.

What is the oldest hamburger chain?


The oldest hamburger restaurant chain in the United States is White Castle. The first White Castle restaurant opened in Wichita, Kansas, in 1921. The first McDonald’s didn’t open until 1948, by comparison. The White Castle chain was started by Walter A.

What is the oldest pizza chain?

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut (1958) That’s right—Pizza Hut was the first chain pizza joint in America. The original restaurant was less-than-large, with only twenty-five seats. They also only had space on the sign for nine letters, so they decided to call the place “Pizza Hut” due to the building’s small size.

How much did a McDonald’s hamburger cost in 1948?

15 cents

They later shut it down and reopened it in 1948, with a pared-down menu of just nine items, including hamburgers (15 cents) cheeseburgers (19 cents) and drinks, such as coffee, Coca-Cola, and Orangeade, for 10 cents.

Where is the two story Whataburger?


Corpus Christi

Plus, Corpus Christi is home to the world’s only two-story, 6,000-square-foot Whataburger by the Bay, with an elevator, a statue of good ol’ Harmon and an open deck overlooking the water!

How much was a Whopper in 1954?

Originally selling for 37 cents, the Whopper was born out of the desire to offer customers a bigger burger than competitors.

How much did a Whopper cost in 1957?

37 cents

Burger King’s Whopper is 64 years old. Today and tomorrow, you can purchase Burger King’s iconic Whopper for 37 cents [plus tax], its original price back in 1957. The fast-food chain’s throwback offer is in celebration of the Whopper’s 64th year on the menu.

How much was a McDonald’s hamburger in 1960?

In 1960, your burger cost an average of just $0.21.

Why does Wahlburgers use government cheese?

Today at Wahlburgers, we use a premium American cheese to top our burgers, but give a wink and a nod to where we came from. Growing up in a house with 9 kids, things were tight. Back then, blocks of cheese, known as “government cheese”, were given out to folks who needed a hand up. And we were so thankful.

Who has more money Donnie or Mark Wahlberg?

It all comes down to Net Worth But according to cheatsheet.com, Donnie’s net worth is estimated at $25 million compared to his brother Mark’s net worth at $300 million. Without Mark following his brother Donnie’s footsteps into show business, he might just be another guy working an office job in Boston.

What did Donald Wahlberg Sr died from?


What does the Whataburger logo mean?

Determined to see positive changes, Harmon wanted to make a burger that would make customers exclaim “What a burger!” due to how delicious and big it was. Consequently, he sought to trademark “Whataburger.” On June 23, 1950, he got his wish when the Secretary of State granted him the trademark.

When did Whataburger open outside of Texas?


That same year, Joe Andrews of Alice received the first Whataburger franchise. The company expanded outside of Texas in 1959 with a store in Pensacola, Fla. It was in 1961 that Dobson built the first three-story A-frame building with an orange-and-white striped roof.

What did Selena order at Whataburger?

The singer said she likes to order the “No. 13 with a side of gravy,” also known as the orange and white box of chicken tenders, Texas toast and fries. The interview prompted a response from the ever-so-topicalWhataburger Twitter account, which dropped a line referencing the singer’s latest album, “Revival.”

What was Selena’s Whataburger order?

— Singer Selena Gomez’s Whataburger order: chicken tenders, Texas toast, and fries, with gravy on the side. The burger chain was pleased. — The La Barbecue team shared their go-to spots in Austin, including Whisler’s and Thai Kun, The White Horse, and breakfast tacos from Pueblo Viejo.

Is DQ a Texas thing?

And though Texas’s Dairy Queens have not completely seceded from the national DQ mother ship, they do stand apart. Under the powerful umbrella known as the Texas Dairy Queen Operators’ Council, Texas DQs remain uniquely Texan.

Is there a Whataburger in Vegas?

Whataburger. Is it fair that Las Vegans have to drive 100 miles to Kingman, Ariz., for a chance to eat at the nation’s top-rated burger chain, as listed by FastCompany? Probably not. The Texas-based restaurant has more than 1,000 stores in 10 states, but none in Nevada.

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