Whataburger 401k

… to make up to $60000 a year and also receive health, dental and vision benefits, paid vacation, 401(k), and training to move up!

Does Whataburger have a 401K plan?

Our restaurant managers have the potential to make up to $60,000 a year and also receive health, dental and vision benefits, paid vacation, 401(k), and training to move up! Find details below and apply now to be a part of the Whataburger Family!

How much does Whataburger match on 401K?

Whataburger 401K Plan It is a great plan. . 30 per dollar match up to 50%.

Does Whataburger have a retirement plan?

We offer full benefits, continuous training & weekly pay with the potential to make over $60K/year. Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of the Whataburger Family.

What is the number for 401K?


Do restaurants offer 401k?

Roughly nine in ten employees view a 401(k) as an important benefit, according to a survey by Transamerica. But only 14 percent of small businesses, including many restaurants, offer one. This is primarily because restaurant and other small business owners view 401(k) plans as too complex and expensive.

Does Whataburger pay extra on holidays?

Whataburger does not pay for any holidays.

What is starting pay at Whataburger in Texas?

Whataburger Restaurants Lp. Jobs by Hourly Rate

Job TitleRangeAverage
CashierRange:$8 – $12Average:$9
Cook, Fast FoodRange:$9 – $12Average:$10
Fast Food WorkerRange:$8 – $12Average:$10
Team Leader, GeneralRange:$9 – $19Average:$13

Does Whataburger give bonuses?

Whataburger gave out more than $90 million in bonuses to its workers over the past year, the company announced. Given the company’s 46,000 employees, the average bonus for a worker lands just shy of $2,000.

What is Whataburger pay period?

Whataburger pays once a week. Every Friday. About 2 weeks after you start. because even though you do get paid weekly, you have to work for a week, miss that paycheck, then work another week, and get that pay check.

Does Whataburger do profit shares?

Features of the WHATABURGER PROFIT SHARING AND 401(K) SAVINGS PLAN may include: This Plan is a “Profit-Sharing Plan”, where employer contributions are variable and are based upon a portion of company profits based upon quarterly or annual earnings.

What kind of shoes do Whataburger employees wear?

Black slip resistant shoes and black pants.

How do I find my 401k money?

Websites you can use to find lost funds include your state’s unclaimed property site; NAUPA’s missingmoney.com; the U.S. Department of Labor database for back wages; or the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp to claim your pension funds.

How do I find my 401k balance?

You can find your 401(k) balance by logging into your 401(k) plans online portal and check how your 401(k) is performing. If you don’t have access to your account online, contact your HR department and make sure your quarterly statements are being sent to the correct address.

How do I access my 401k account?

1. Contact former employer. Contacting your former employer is the fastest way to find your old 401(k). The company’s HR department should have records of your retirement account and can advise you on how to access it or roll it over if that’s what you decide to do.

How big does a company need to be to have a 401k?

SIMPLE 401(k): Businesses with fewer than 100 employees can open a SIMPLE 401(k). Similar to the Safe Harbor plan, SIMPLE plans require employers to make contributions to their participants’ 401(k) accounts that vest immediately.

Are companies required to offer 401k?

Are employers required to offer retirement plans? Employers generally are not required to offer their employees retirement benefits. However, some states have government-sponsored retirement plans with mandatory participation.

Do restaurants offer retirement plans?

Does CRA offer any qualifying retirement plan options to members? CRA provides the California Restaurant Association Retirement Program as an option for members wishing to adopt a qualifying retirement plan in lieu of registering for CalSavers.

What does Walmart pay in Texas?

Walmart’s starting rate is $11. In Texas, Walmart has more than 170,000 employees and pays an average wage of $15.61 an hour.

How much does Whataburger pay in Louisiana?

Average Whataburger Team Member hourly pay in Louisiana is approximately $9.82, which is 16% below the national average.

How do I check my Whataburger schedule?

Option 4: Using the HotSchedules Automated Phone System Call 866-753-3853 and follow the prompts.

Does Whataburger get paid time and a half?

7 answers. Yes you get paid time and a half for holidays working at least 32 hours a week.

Does Burger King hold first paycheck?

Yes they hold your first check. No depending on when you start is based off when you get your first check. if you start at the beginning of a pay period you will get paid after two weeks. if you start in the middle of a pay period you will have to wait 3 weeks, unless your payroll is weekly.

Is Whataburger worth working for?

Whataburger is great company, very good pay for Management positions, and a fun environment. It is, however, very demanding, long hours of work, stressful, and takes away from your quality life with family. It does offer great growth opportunities and it is financially rewarding.

How often does Whataburger raise?

14 answers You are supposed to get them yearly or bi-yearly with an assessment.

How old do you have to be to be a team leader at Whataburger?

at least 18 years of age

Must be at least 18 years of age. High school diploma/GED or equivalent work experience. 6 months’ experience in a retail setting. Driving is essential for this position so a valid driver’s license with liability insurance, a driving record adhering to Whataburger standards and a satisfactory background check is …

How many employes does Whataburger have?

And never forgetting where we started. Whataburger is more than a burger chain. It is a place that feels like home to 43,000 employees, called Family Members, and millions of customers. It’s a brand built on pride, care and love.

How many employees does Whataburger have in San Antonio?

Over the last year, fast-food employees have dealt with a deadly pandemic, customer resistance to mask mandates and long lines during February’s winter storm. To show appreciation, San Antonio-based Whataburger is awarding more than $90 million in bonuses to its 46,000 employees — an average of nearly $2,000 each.

Does Whataburger give breaks?

Employees have to eat too and should always get offered breaks when working 8 hours, not just once in a blue moon.

How much does a Whataburger franchise owner make a year?

How Much Does Whataburger Make in Profit? Whataburger hasn’t made their profit details known to the public. But an unofficial estimate shows that a franchise owner makes an average profit of $94,000 to $122,600 annually. This falls in line with other burger chain concepts.

Is Whataburger owned by a Chicago company?

That was when the Dobson family, which founded the chain, sold its majority ownership to BDT Capital Partners, a Chicago investment firm. The sale announced in June 2019 was made with expansion plans in mind. “Whataburger has grown significantly over the years.

Does Whataburger allow tattoos?

Related questions (more answers below): No tattoos can be visible, I believe earnings can be worn. Consult the Whataburger handbook for more information. Tattoos you could have but as far as piercings they weren’t allowed. I had two lip piercings that I always had to take off before clocking in.

Can you have dyed hair at Whataburger?

Only natural hair color (basically what you were born with) No abnormal hair color like purple, blue, etc.

Can you wear jewelry at Whataburger?

While working, employees are prohibited from wearing jewelry with stones, on the face (e.g., all facial piercings), or that is intended for stretching the skin (e.g., gauged ears). Nails: No nail polish allowed. French manicure artificial nails are allowed but gloves must be worn at all times.

What happens to 401k when you quit?

It can be tempting to withdraw all the money in your 401(k) plan each time you change jobs, but this is generally a poor financial decision. Withdrawals from 401(k)s before age 55 are typically subject to income tax and a 10% early withdrawal penalty, which will easily eliminate a large chunk of your savings.

How do I get my 401k from my old job?

The easiest way to recover funds left behind is to contact your employer. As long as the company is still in business, call the HR department and ask to have them verify your participation in the 401(k) plan.

How do you find out if you still have a 401k from an old job?

Contact Your Former Employer. The simplest and most direct way to check up on an old 401(k) plan is to contact the human resources department or the 401(k) administrator at the company where you used to work. Be prepared to state your dates of employment and Social Security number so that plan records can be checked.

How long can a company hold your 401k after you leave?

60 days

For amounts below $5000, the employer can hold the funds for up to 60 days, after which the funds will be automatically rolled over to a new retirement account or cashed out. If you have accumulated a large amount of savings above $5000, your employer can hold the 401(k) for as long as you want.

Can you cash out your 401k?

Taking a withdrawal from your traditional 401(k) should be your very last resort as any distributions prior to age 59 ½ will be taxed as income by the IRS, plus a 10 percent early withdrawal penalty to the IRS. This penalty was put into place to discourage people from dipping into their retirement accounts early.

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