Whataburger in little rock

Browse all locations in Arkansas to find your local Whataburger – home of the bigger, better burger. Whataburger uses 100% pure American beef served on a …

Does Arkansas have a Whataburger?

Whataburger has Arkansas locations – Fayetteville (2), Springdale, Rogers and TexARKana.

Is Whataburger coming to Little Rock?

“Construction of the next Whataburger location is said to begin June 2022 in Little Rock at a former site owned by a previous restaurant that was built a few years ago on 1.40 acres.

What states in Whataburger in?

Headquartered in San Antonio, Whataburger currently has more than 850 locations across 10 states — Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas — and about 50,000 employees or “Family Members” company-wide that serve more than 60 million guests annually.

Is Fort Smith Arkansas getting a Whataburger?

Whataburger has NO plans to put in a Fort Smith location, its corporate office confirmed Friday.

Is Magnolia Arkansas getting a Whataburger?

About Whataburger We’re cooking up breakfast, lunch and dinner—from burgers and chicken sandwiches to biscuits and pancakes—to satisfy the heartiest appetites in Magnolia, AR. Visit our dining area at our Hwy 79 & Warnock Springs Rd at 49 Highway 79 Bypass North.

Did Whataburger get bought out?

As of today, there more than 800 locations that sit across the U.S. Whataburger has a very dedicated and loyal following. In 2019, the fast-food restaurant announced merchant bank BDT Capital Partners, LLC based in Chicago was taking over the chain.

Is Whataburger coming to Siloam Springs Arkansas?

by Marc Hayot | February 6, 2022 at 4:00 a.m. Siloam Springs may soon be home to a Whataburger as the fast-food chain will have a significant development permit and specialty use permit go before the planning commission during Tuesday’s meeting.

How many Whataburgers are in Texas?

There are more than 670 stores in Texas and over 150 in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and the southern United States, of which 126 are franchised. Whataburger was known for many years for its distinct A-framed orange-and-white-stripe-roofed buildings.

Whats better Whataburger or In-N-Out?

According to USA Today’s Readers Choice Awards, Whataburger outranks In-N-Out in the category of ‘Best Regional Fast Food’. It’s a thing! Whataburger is pretty much king in Texas when it comes to fast food burgers, and now the chain has expanded to 10 states total with a very loyal following throughout the country.

What is coming to Fort Smith Arkansas?

Development to look out for in Fort Smith in 2022 From expansions in the manufacturing sector to the city officially being named the future home of a multi-national training site for F-16 Falcon and F-35 fighter jets, 2021 has set Fort Smith on a path of growth in the coming years.

Is Jonesboro Arkansas getting a Whataburger?

Arkansas Business.com: New gift for ASU; Whataburger coming to Arkansas. Arkansas State University in Jonesboro announced more funding Tuesday for an expansion underway at its football stadium.

Is Whataburger coming to El Dorado Arkansas?

According to the chamber, the El Dorado Whataburger will be on Northwest Avenue. An official opening date has not yet been announced. This will mark the seventh location of the Texas-based fast-food chain in Arkansas.

Will Whataburger ever expand?


The sale announced in June 2019 was made with expansion plans in mind. “Whataburger has grown significantly over the years.

Why is Whataburger orange and white?


The orange and white stripes were inspired by air travel Dobson’s passion for flying inspired the iconic orange and white stripes. He liked the idea of being able to spot his restaurants from the sky, so he opened the first of what we now know as the classic Whataburger buildings in Odessa, Texas, in 1961.

When did Whataburger expand out of Texas?

Three years after that first portable stand, Dobson opened the first Whataburger outside of Corpus Christi. It was in Kingsville. That same year, Joe Andrews of Alice received the first Whataburger franchise. The company expanded outside of Texas in 1959 with a store in Pensacola, Fla.

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