Where can i buy frozen farmer ice cream

At The Frozen Farmer our roots run deep. Led by founder Katey Evans and family, we are proud to be a certified Women Owned Small Business with a certification …

Is The Frozen Farmer still in business?

Frozen Farmer is now stocked at Walmart and Kroger stores, and 8,000 stores total in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. “It’s been like an amazing dream, and not something I pictured when we first started this journey.

Who makes The Frozen Farmer?

Kevin and Katey Evans

It’s all in the family Kevin and Katey Evans know it well, and revel in living up to the challenge every day at Evans Farms, a more than 3,000-acre grain and produce operation. “For me, The Frozen Farmer is an awesome way to preserve my family’s farm legacy,” said third-generation farmer Kevin Evans.

Who owns frozen farmer ice cream?

Entrepreneur Katey Evans hopes the Shark Tank’s episode 1116 will be an enjoyable experience for the Sharks when she pitches her ice cream business, Frozen Farmer. Founder Evans founded the company in 2015 to reduce waste on her family’s third-generation farm.

Did The Frozen Farmer make a deal on Shark Tank?


Ever since The Frozen Farmer first opened, our customers have suggested we pitch the business on ABC’s Shark Tank. In March 2020 our dream became a reality when our sustainable, farm-crafted story earned us a partnership deal with Lori Greiner.

Who Makes Farmers ice cream?

Agropur Co-operative family

Farmers is part of the Agropur Co-operative family of brands.

Is Frozen Farmer dairy free?

With just the right balance of delicate watermelon and no added sugar, this flavor is 100% fruit with zero fat, dairy, or gluten for all the enjoyment and none of the seeds!

What episode of Shark Tank was Frozen Farmer on?


Farmer turned entrepreneur Katey Evans hopes the Sharks like her Frozen Farmer ice cream when she pitches the business in Shark Tank episode 1116.

Does Walmart make their own ice cream?

Wells Dairy has spent over 30 years working with Walmart to produce Great Value Ice Cream. They began to expand outside of their signature brand Blue Bunny and also manufacture Halo Top and Bomb Pop. Pay about $1.97 for the delectable ice cream overpaying nearly $4-8 for the name brands!

Is the frozen farmer kosher?

Are your flavors Kosher? Yes, our flavors are Kosher dairy certified. How much do your pints cost? The price of our pints in grocery stores ranges from $4.47 to $5.99, which is competitive with other national ice cream brands in the pint category.

What is Loris net worth on Shark Tank?


$150 Million

Lori Greiner Has a Net Worth of $150 Million Between her company, investments, speaking engagements and salary from appearing on “Shark Tank,” Greiner has a net worth of $150 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Are farmers and scotsburn the same company?

Scotsburn Joins Farmers | Farmers Dairy.

Is Farmers 20 80 discontinued?

Farmers Dairy updated their profile picture. I’m very disappointed that 20/80 spread has been discontinued.… More.

Do you get to keep the jar from the yard milkshake bar?


Guests will also be able to bring back their glass souvenir jar for $2 off a signature shake refill during their next visit. A brand new shake will be on the menu at this location, and the Cottingham family is thrilled by it.

Why is the yard milkshake bar called the yard?


Chelsea knew she wanted it to be like no other dessert place she had ever been to and decided that crazy specialty milkshakes is just what they were looking for. When brainstorming name ideas one night in their living room "The Yard" was born.

How many yard milkshake locations are there?

All three locations are open and ready to serve you and your family with fun, delicious sweet treats and a good time! Check which locations are nearby on your next vacation, because we are growing as we speak.

Is Frozen Farmer ice cream gluten free?

Gluten free. The Frozen Farmer – Ice cream. Nice cream.

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