Where to buy hero bread

Find Hero Bread™ zero carb bread near you if you’re looking for keto bread, … Discover where you can buy Hero Bread™ in Subway® locations near you.

Can I buy Hero bread online?

Order Hero Bread™ to be shipped directly to your front door.

Does subway still have hero bread?

Hero Bread products are available in select Subway® locations and nationally via the company’s website at www.hero.co.

What kind of bread is hero bread?

Hero Bread™ Sliced White Bread contains the following ingredients: Water, Modified Wheat Starch, Wheat Protein, Canola Oil, Flaxseed, Contains 2% or less of the following: Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt, Yeast, Fava Bean Protein, Guar Gum, Calcium Propionate and Sorbic Acid (to retain freshness), Enzymes, Ascorbic Acid, …

Is Subway Hero bread Keto friendly?


Subway recently started serving up keto bread with only 1g net carbs. It’s called Hero Bread, and according to Hip team member Emily, it doesn’t disappoint.

What is hero bread made out of?

Ingredients: Water, Resistant Wheat Starch, Wheat Protein, Canola Oil, Flaxseed, Contains less than 2% of Apple Cider Vinegar, Salt, Yeast, Fava Bean Protein, Guar Gum, Calcium Propionate and Sorbic Acid (to retain freshness), Enzymes, Ascorbic Acid, Sunflower Lecithin. Allergens: Contains Wheat.

What’s the lowest carb bread at Subway?

According to Subway, the Hero Bread is “one-net-carb, zero-sugar bread.” Specifically, it features, “0 grams of sugar, 1 net carb, 12 grams of protein and 26 grams of fiber for a 6” sandwich.”

What is the healthiest bread to eat at Subway?

Some of the healthiest Subway bread options are the 9-grain wheat, the 9-grain honey oat, and the multigrain and artisan flatbreads. These are fairly low in calories, but more importantly, they’re fairly low in something that plagues the nutrition of many other Subway breads—sodium.

Does Subway have a new low carb bread?


The bread is called, "Hero Bread," and is meant to offer the same taste as regular Subway bread but contains one gram net carbs, 0 grams of sugar, 12 grams of protein, 26 grams of fiber and 100 calories per 6-inch sub roll.

Whats the difference between a sub and a hero?


It’s "subs" in North Jersey, "hoagies" in South Jersey, "heroes” if you’re originally from New York City, "grinders” if you’re from New England.

Who owns Herobread?

Cole Glass

Hero Bread is the brainchild of Cole Glass, founder and chief executive officer of Hero Labs, Inc. Mr. Glass was born with severe food allergies related to pollen and is unable to eat nutrient-dense staples like fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts, which as he aged led him to eliminate carbs.

Which subways have the hero bread?

First introduced in October 2021 as part of a successful test at select Subway locations in Colorado Springs, Boise, Des Moines, and Atlanta, Hero Bread is now available in more than 1,600 Subway locations across New York City Metro, The Bay Area, San Diego, Atlanta, Portland, OR, Portland, ME, Medford, Boise, and Salt …

Are black olives keto?

Olives, in green or black varieties, are the perfect addition to a ketogenic diet plan. With just 3 net carbs per 100 g serving (about 10 olives), they can be eaten alongside low-carb dishes like salads, dips, or even by themselves as a snack.

Is flat bread healthy?


Flatbread can be a great choice that is part of a healthy, balanced diet. Homemade flatbread in particular is a great option so that you can control everything that goes into your flatbread, and use whole grains, and low fat options. You can also add in ingredients like flax seeds to give added nutrition as well.

Is Subway bread safe to eat?

"According to the label, most of the ingredients are relatively harmless, especially when consumed in smaller doses." However, she does caution that as with any product that contains more than 5 grams of fiber, the bread can be harder on your digestion.

What to eat to stop craving carbs?

High soluble-fiber foods—like properly soaked beans, legumes, vegetables, and fruit—will stretch your stomach and empty it slowly, which means you’ll feel fuller and more satisfied for longer. Fiber also slows the release of sugar into the blood, stabilizing blood sugar, curbing hunger, and cutting down on cravings.

What foods have absolutely no carbs?

Meat, fish, seafood, fats and oils are the most common no-carb foods but the list doesn’t end there. There are beverages, seasonings, condiments, sweeteners, and snacks that are also zero carb, but you have to know which ones.

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