Where to buy welch’s grape soda

We’re working to bring Welch’s Soda across the country! We are AVAILABLE AT DOLLAR TREE SNACK ZONES NATIONWIDE and other retailers.

Do they make Welch’s grape soda anymore?

First introduced in 1974, Welch’s Grape Soda gained a loyal customer following. National-level distribution was discontinued in 2011, however, much to the disappointment of its many fans.

Is there a Welch’s grape soda?


Welchs Grape Soda is considered the most delicious American grape soda on the market. Unlike its other competitors who use only grape flavoring, Welch’s use real grape juice! For a refreshing soft drinks with real fruit juice that kids will love.

Who distributes Welch’s grape soda?

Global Beverage Corp

Global Beverage Corp (GBC), the exclusive bottler and distributor of Welch’s Sparkling Soda for the USA, is an independent soft drink company based in Oradell New Jersey.

Is grape soda still made?


Grapette is a grape-flavored soft drink that was first produced and marketed in 1939 by Benjamin “Tyndle” Fooks. Grapette is now produced by Grapette International, and is marketed in the United States by Walmart as part of its Sam’s Choice line of soft drinks.

Who makes Welches soda?


Global Beverage Corp.

Welch’s Sparkling Soda is manufactured and distributed under authority of Welch Foods, Inc. A Cooperative by Global Beverage Corp.

Does Fanta make grape soda?


Fanta grape is delicious. If you like classic grape soda then this Fanta grape is for you.

Does Welch’s grape soda have caffeine?

Natural & artificial flavor. No caffeine.

Do they make a diet grape soda?


What happened to NuGrape?


The National NuGrape building still exists in Atlanta at 794 Ralph McGill Blvd., but is not open to the public. Today, NuGrape is usually found in parts of the southeast United States. Specifically, it is sold in parts of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, northwest Alabama, and the eastern half of Tennessee.

Can you still buy Welch’s strawberry soda?

Product Locator We are AVAILABLE AT DOLLAR TREE SNACK ZONES NATIONWIDE and other retailers. Select Welch’s Soda flavors are available to order online from Dollar Tree and ship to your home or local store for pick-up.

Why is there no Welch’s grape juice in Ontario?

Mott’s reversed its decision to close the plant following a range war that summer with Welch’s that came into Ontario through its grower arm, the National Grape Co-operative.

Where is Welch’s manufactured?

North East, PA. North East is our largest manufacturing plant with employees who produce 280 different juices, jams and jellies. Located only minutes from downtown Erie and Presque Isle State Park, North East offers a scenic, lakefront vibe within a couple of hours drive to Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Buffalo.

Does Coca Cola make grape soda?

Coca-Cola Fanta Grape Soft Drink – 500ml.

Who made grape soda?

Benjamin Tyndle Fooks

Grapette soda was developed by Benjamin Tyndle Fooks in Camden (Ouachita County) in 1939. Once one of the bestselling non-cola soft drinks in the United States, Grapette virtually disappeared from the marketplace for most of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s after being bought by a leading competitor.

Where is grape soda from?

Today, most commercially available grape sodas are based on artificial flavorings such as methyl anthranilate designed to simulate Concord grapes, and are colored deep purple with food coloring. Hard grape sodas have been marketed by, e.g., Henry’s Hard Soda.

Do they still make Shasta soda?

Shasta Beverages is an American soft drink manufacturer that markets a value-priced soft drink line with a wide variety of soda flavors, as well as a few drink mixers, under the brand name Shasta. … Shasta (soft drink)

TypeSoft drink

What kind of grapes does Welch’s use?


Every Welch’s product is made from Concord and Niagara grapes grown at family farms across the United States.

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